Hello to everybody,

I'm a newcomer here, i'm a music producer (mostly electronic) since 2004 but this year is my first year in the orchestral / cinematic music, and would love to introduce you my first two themes, genre: adventure / epic . Would love some feedback, i'm still learning so i hope don't be too much rude with them! 

Here: https://soundcloud.com/juanbauticinematic

My fave composers are John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. And i love all the classic fantasy/adventure 80s stuff (Horner, Silvestri, Broughton, etc...)


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  • Sacrifice Theme.

    I like the idea. I love the moment when the other instruments (horn?) come in. In my opinion, but that can be very personal, an intro of about 1/3 of the movement is a bit long... The idea is great, the performance too. I would have liked a little bit more dynamics, for a mood-change. I love the glissando at 2:10, just before the male voices start. Overall not bad at all. Great ending with the cymbals.

    The Journey Begins.

    Oh, nice start! I like this better then the first, performance is good in my opinion. Same critits: try to get some more dynamics for a change. It sounds too much 'all the same', when it is all the same volume. For example, when introducing a new instrument, do it loudly, then go to soft, and introduce something new. It is just my opinion, of course.

  • Thanks so much, Erwin!

    Yes, i completely agree with you about the dynamics (actually other people said me exactly the same, so, you're right!), i would work on that in my next themes. 

    Cheers and thanks again. 


  • Hey Juan,

    What program are you using to mix?

  • Hi Mauricio, 

    I use FL Studio 11. 

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