My name is James, and I've just recently started composing. I want to get better, particularly at structuring and developing musical ideas. So I've joined to get feedback and also to listen to what other people are writing.

The only way I have been able to silence my inner critic long enough to finish any music has been to write silly little things - the pieces I've linked below are inspired by video game soundtracks and fantasy landscapes/locations and are not meant to be taken seriously!

Fantasy Castle.mp3

Fantasy Castle Score.pdf

Meadow Theme.mp3

Meadow Theme Score.pdf

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  • Welcome to the Community James, thrilled to hear more from you!

  • Welcome James,

    I'm new here as well. Learning the ropes and getting to know my way around.

    I listened to both of your pieces. I think "Lovely" is a better description than "Silly." They are quite pleasant actually. The ideas are clear and the orchestration is professional to my ears.

    On the subject of "...silencing my inner critic..." well, that is a double edge sword indeed. Here is a bit of advice that someone shared with me... I find it useful.

    Don't let perfection get in the way of excellent...

  • Thanks for the welcome both!

    Mark, thanks for the comments.

    I don't really mean silencing my critic exactly, it's more like what you said, but "Don't let perfection get in the way of improving".

    I'm viewing these kinds of compositions as exercises in the craft of composition - initially accepting whatever idea comes into my head, and running with it so that I can at least finish something.

    For so long I would spend ages trying to come up with an idea that I thought was 'worthy' but then the weight of trying to take it any further would always lead to me abandoning it.

    Looking forward to hearing some of your music, too.

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