My name is Dan. Been composing and doing audio post work for many years. I'm self taught beginning with the drums when I was 9 years old then later the piano when I was 14.

At age 15, I was deeply affected and influenced by the John Williams score for Star Wars when I saw it in the movie theater in 1977 (showing my age now). I tell people that when I walked out of that theater that day, the experience forever changed my life's trajectory and I new exactly what I was going to strive for from that point forward.

From there, I slowly started to build a home project studio starting in the analog world then transitioning slowly to the DAW world from around 1988 to 1993. There were many steep learning curves and struggles along the way as I had to learn the technical aspects of digital production on the computer which, at the time, was very intimidating to me! The rest as they say - is history.

Although I still haven't "landed" my dream gig yet, I have been fortunate enough to have some brief successes throughout my life in the music and audio production world. I'm proud to say that I was able to actually make a decent living at it for about 12 years from 1999 to about 2011. 

I still do some intermittent music editing and scoring work for a popular television daytime drama series for one of the major networks a few times a year. I try and compose at least one major orchestral work a year which usually takes several weeks to complete as I work around my day job.

I'm also currently involved with the sound design and music production for an original Audio Drama series. We've released our first 1 hour long episode a few months ago. For now, that project is entirely a labor of love.

I'll try to contribute as much as I can and share some of my work here. See in the threads!

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  • Hello Dan,

    I introduced myself to the forum today and thought it would be proper to reply to some other recent introductions. I see yours is from September, but no replies yet! Hmmm... So I started here.

    Your story is one I can relate to... I haven't had the production opportunities that you have had, but I have had lots of performance opportunities over the years, and yes ... a day job to support my music habit.

    Hope to see and hear you in the forum posts.


    Mark Ames

  • Hello Daniel !
    You are very experienced musician, I would like to listen to your creativity!

  • Welcome to CF Dan.

    I see you've had some fairly broad experience and can understand why you were/are taken by John Williams' compositions. 

    I've had a few successes in the past including having a composition and an arrangement included on a vinyl LP record (now that's a long time ago) and have sold several thousand scores over the past (what seems like) 150 years of striving. Now and again I get to hear some of them performed live - great fun.

    But like they say, it's the journey that's the enjoyable bit - not the getting there.

    Again, welcome! I look forward to hearing some of your music and reading what you have to say about music and life in general.

    Merry Christmas.

    Stephen Lines

  • Wow, I've been away for a few days, come back and see this…  I posted my introduction several months ago so I’m quite pleasantly surprised by these responses! I’m looking forward to hearing your compositions as well. I’ve already posted 3 pieces on the forum if you’d like to hear some of my music. Two of them are in the Music Critique and Analysis area of the forum (Opus# 1 & Insect Wars). The other one I entered into the Animals Contest and is called “A Squirrel’s Life”. I'm proud to say I placed second. All of the entries were incredibly creative! As far as looking to the future is concerned, the two top things on my bucket list are 1) Getting the opportunity to score a feature film and 2) Having one of my compositions performed live by a professional orchestra some day. I’d die a happy man if those two things ever came true :-) See you in the threads!

  • I wonder why your post has suddenly appeared after all this time!

    I have already listened to and commented on your 'A Squirrel's Life' in the Comps thread and I placed you either 1st or 2nd - memory's a bit dodgy nowadays….incidentally, I came third. And thinking further along that line, I seem to recall coming third in the previous comp....must try harder!

    Getting to score a feature film would be a real coup de cinéma  - good luck with that one.

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