• Piano combined with a symphonic orchestra is what I also use a lot. I like your piece, the melody and the sudden changes form orchestra to piano and vice versa, but I think it could improve a lot if the sound were more dynamic. I use Cloudbounce as an online AI mastering tool and - believe me - it makes a really great difference!
    But: nice piece of music!

    • Thank you Dirk.

      I was more concerned about figuring out "how" to turn my music file I made, into a YooToob video as a "vehicle" I could use to post my stuff online. I'm kinda kicking myself, that I was testing with one of my lesser pieces, instead of one of my favorites. Due to real life, I am actually rarely online, and then only for a few days with months inbetween offline.

      I'm here online for a day or two, and I will *try" to get something better up and on YooToob.

      Yet? a random listener saying "nice piece" was kind of... thrilling. So, thank you for making my day.


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