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Has anybody used Sonatina Symphony Orchestra with Cakewalk?


I am very new in this VST effort.  I tried to use Cakewalk and TTS-1 builtin, to render my work.

Unfortunately the strings are too cheesy not even like strings.  I tried to play with

instrument parameters but could not succeed.  The output is attached below.

Next, I downloaded Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra and included it in Cakewalk VST facility.

I included Sonatina Orchestra's Vln, etc strings into my piece.  But when I played it with Cakewalk

cakewalk first began to violin parts normal but it dropped some sections and the it began to play

it staccato for strings.  (The brass is still in TTS-1).

I played with Cakewalk system parameters according to the manual. 

I wonder if this is done before by somebody?

I will appreciate any help.



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 You may also want to try another free orchestra that possibly has an added advantage. PROJECT SAM

I haven't tried that orchestra but it's free and you would have nothing to loose. The added advantage to it is a Kontakt Player version is included. I have been told this is one way to get crossgrade pricing to the full version of Kontakt 6. Libraries that come with  Kontakt player version often qualify. 

Reverb helps unreaalistic samples as were used to hearing these instruments in large spaces esp in symphonic contexts. Hearing them dry immediately draws attentention to them even further.


Recently I wanted to use Sonatina VST with Cakewalk.  I first installed Cakewalk and then Sonatina VST.

While working step by step I met difficult problems, such as rendering switches to staccato and missing sounds

in the imported MIDI tracks.  I created the MIDI tracks using MuseSCORE.  

I finally fixed the problems and ended up with the first appendix of the second movement of one of my compositions.

I decided that nobody else should take the same challenge and live the same pains so that the energy goes into new efforts rather than repeating the same old ones.

Please find attached a very detailed procedure to install and use Sonatina VST with Cakewalk by Bandlab.



Note: The solution is attached to the next reply due to the 7 Mb limit.


The solutions are attached here:


Only TTS-1 output and Staccato problem with missing sounds problem


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