Harmonic density

Hi, I am looking for recommendations of harmonically complex progressions within the realm of tonality. Preferably dense enough that it isn't completely ambiguous as to the chord. It can be a piece, a section, even a few bars, etc. I am working on analyses. I am currently doing one for Franck's violin sonata 1st movement, which has very dense chords that are still functioning tonally. Stuff like complex common-tone voice leading, chromatic chords, augmented 6th chords, etc. I would prefer to avoid music that relies too much on planing/parallel chords, so impressionist music isn't necessarily the best answer. I was thinking late brahms might be a good choice. Also, this stuff is really great music. I really enjoy stuff that is weird harmonically and still within the realm of tonality. Especially when it adheres to a cohesive overarching form.

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