• Absolutely. It was harder earlier on. But now it only lasts for as long as it takes me to start a new piece. There is that concern that "what if" where/who I have sent it to never gets the opportunity to place it or use it, and then it sits forever. But the business side is a numbers game, just keep writing.

  • The question I ask myself usually is: what if I got some limited amount of ideas and now I have one less and it might be wasted

    It's true that the feeling lasts until the next project, though.

  • Again, you have voiced the same question I have periodically. "Will my musical creativity run dry?"

    I guess it is like a river, there might be periods where the flow is minimal or less abundant than we wish, but before you know it, rain falls from the heavens and we are full again.

  • well, me I don't... whatever happens it is I who created it.. well.. first of all the original idea was,, "to make music for them" and that's it, we're commissioned right?... I always own my music... but of course... I'll not use on another material...  

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