• Hi Kjell,

    Congratulations, such a large work...

    The melody is charming...  I believe it does not need this thick accompaniment.

    Maybe I am a clasic minded bigot who knows.

    If you want to arouse emotions you may think more about creating bigger contrasts.

    There is only one contrast point in your work, both instrumentswise and dynamicswise.

    Otherwise the same loudness in all intsruments continues with thick texture and literally

    kills the gorgious guitar part.

    Much more could be expressed with much less. I studied swanlake recently.

    It is just a good melody and simple accompaniment with big dynamic/orchestration

    ,contrasts.  Give it a look I guess...

    Thank you for sharing such a beutiful guitar piece.  It is rare.

    All the best.


    • Thanks for your comment Ali.

      Good to hear from you. Many good points given here.

      I will bring it with me.



  •  Kjell thank you for this great movement! Guitar sounds like harpsichord and it gives more beautiness to the melody- feels like Telemann ( Thank you again! Don't stop!

    Vivace Telemann ABRSM Grade 5 - Flute & Harpsichord
    Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for 4 Concerti For 4 Violins, Twv 40:201-204 by Georg Philipp Telemann arranged by DOYWANG for Flu…
    • Thank you very much Patrick. I will listen to your recommended piece. Telemann, contemporary with Bach?

  • This is a very beautiful piece Kjell and it works well in an orchestral setting.  The guitar of course has trouble balancing with this ensemble even in virtual form. That's why guitar concertos are often done with chamber groups or even guitar only ensembles; something you might want to try since you have an obvious talent for guitar music.

    If you review your NotePerformer instrument choices you should find 'Solo Viiolin' for example which you could use instead of a whole section. You can build a much smaller group that way, solo viola, cello etc, just a thought.

    The ending seemed a bit sudden, so much emotion has been stated it was hard for me to give it up that quickly.

    • Thank you very much Ingo for your nice reply. Yes, my mostly played piece is called Alleys of Porec, guitar and solo violin. It works well together I think, also in "live" music, whatever those words live and real means. 
      Very interesting end comment. It felt we shared an emotion there, very picturesque.

      Ali suggested a coda. Maybe I should add a new theme there to get a better ending.

      Thanks for the inspiration, Ingo.

  • At last I have just a few moments to comment on this (it's chaos round here at the moment!).

    Well orchestrated with some interesting scoring such as the deep brass around the 1 minute mark. The melodies are luscious along with their supporting harmonies. 

    The guitar balances well being prominent against the sustained uncomplicated background. However there were times when it was drowned out when the accominment built up (such as 1'24" or thereabouts) - at least, I thought I could hear the guitar going through that. Perhaps it should be dropped during those louder passages? Perhaps I'm wrong and my ears deceive me!

    The close seems an iteration of the opening, a most beautiful cresc at about the 5 minute spot before fading to that final rallentando. I noticed the guitar at the very close and my only comment there is that perhaps it could be just a touch more prominent.

    A wonderful piece.


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