GS3-Legend or Myth?

I've owned this delightful product since 2004-05 when I decided to jump into D/A. I compose a lot of orchestrally based music so I had designed my entire system around it. Pent 4, ram maxed out, raid array, max speed drives, etc. As soon as I took it out of the box I was in BLUE SCREEN HEAVEN. Then I called customer support- that's where the true fun began- they'd put me on hold for literally 3 hours; then cut off my call because it was 5PM. This was not the exception- it was the rule. When I eventually did talk to someone they insisted, "obviously we've sold thousands of these, so they must work". But I've never been able to get it to work without crashing, blue screening or totally digitally distorting when in playback. Like the sound of digits crunching on your computer? NICE! Way to treat someone who just spent 10k around your magnificent programming chops. How do these bunch of bananas get away with this? Obviously-MYTH. Well TaSCAM you got me good- I can't wait to not buy anything you ever "produce" again.

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  • Thanks for the reply. Yes. My P4 is using Hyperthreading. Can I turn it off? If so, then what will happen to my Cubase sequencer, sequences and Philharmonic sounds? Probably explode into digital dust?

    Jan Civil said:
    This is what they call a known issue: P4 with hyperthreading enabled in the motherboard BIOS, does not work for Gigastudio. It won't even install properly really. It should be in the quick start or whatever. Hyperthreading is enabled by default in a P4 machine, or at least most of them.

    I had good luck with their support telling me this on the first call, but this IS a company with a rep for not the best support historically.

    As far as anything they ever produce again, no worries, they folded last year, they won't be.

    Garritan recently bought Giga. I don't know if that is the final nail on the coffin or what...
  • Thanks for your suggestion. I disabled the hyperthreading in the BIOS menu. Unfortunately, still Blue Screening. It seems anytime I attempt to edit and then save a GS3 file it does this. Anyone have any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
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