Greetings from Canada!

Hi everyone,

My name is David Carovillano and I'm returning to the forum after some time away.  For almost 20 years, I've been part of a classical accordion and clarinet duo, Acclarion with my wife, Rebecca, and a composer of chamber and orchestral music.  I completed my music degrees in performance, at the University of Toronto, and in my late 30s, decided to pursue composition with a little financial security that came from following the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early) principles.  Of course, life is never straight forward, and I became a dad at 40.  Now that my little one is in school, I'm back to full-time composition, and am working on a few orchestral and chamber music albums.  

Living the quintessential "composer as hermit" lifestyle, I'm trying to break free from my preference for solitude and connect with others that experience the same realities in our line of work.  I'll happily share my own work on the appropriate sub-forums for those that may enjoy listening, and will also enjoy the chance to experience your music.  Having been on other music forums and seen them fall apart from hyper critical commentary, mean-spirited games of one-upmanship, and composers with egos covering their massive insecurities, it is my hope that those on this forum are collegial, supportive, and optimistic (which I'm sure you all are!)

Looking forward to spending some time here,


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  • Hi David,

    Welcome to the forum.  I am amazed that you intend to make 'some' money if any by composing.

    May be I misunderstood... Is that possible in Canada?  


    I remember Stravinsky said in an interview 'It is more likely that you get paid well

    as a performer rather than a composer'.




    • Hi Ali,

      Thanks for the welcome.  To answer your question, the short answer is:  I don't intend to make money composing.

      The longer answer:  I started composing after reaching financial independence, precisely so I could compose exactly what I want without worrying about earning money from it.  I'm far too stubborn to simply write music for projects/clients I'm not fully creatively invested in.  And like any other job/trade, if you want to make money, you have to serve the client and/or fulfill a need (and nobody "needs" the music I write, unfortunately).

      That said, I do earn some significant paydays through grants/commissions. These are always highly competitive, take inordinate amounts of time to complete applications for, and can result in more rejections than successes.  I've had a good run the past few years, but as I said earlier, I don't rely on the income to pay the bills.  As for being a composer in Canada, specifically, many of my composer friends earn their livlihoods the way you would expect: academic appointments, private teaching, and yes, performing (as I've also done for most of my adult life).  I also have a few classically-trained composer friends that earn a good living orchestrating musicals, symphonic pops concerts, etc.  But as for original composition?  You're absolutely correct...better not hold your breath there :)



  • welcome to the forum, Dave. I'm not sure if any forum is completely free of composers with egos covering up their massive insecurities (we just had a couple of threads by one which in the end had to be deleted) but I at any rate find this for the most part to be a friendly and helpful place and have made one or two friends in my relatively short time here. I've already been listening to some of the stuff on your website and am quite encouraged by what I hear -- I'm sure you will in due course suggest one or two of your works for discussion. Perhaps with luck you may also find stuff here to enjoy as well!

    • Thanks for your comments, David.  I'm glad this forum has been a rewarding discovery for you.  I know I'll enjoy the music posted here, because I have in the past, and many of those same members are still as active as ever.  Thank you also for checking out my site and for your kind words.


  • Hi David, welcome back!  I know you do quality work, look forward to hearing your latest.

    • Thanks, Ingo!  Humbled that you would remember me as it has been a few years.  There's certainly no shortage of talent here, yourself included.  Hope all is well!


  • Hello David,

    Yes I remember your work - was quite amazed at your wizardry with the accordion. I still practice two instruments which, with other commitments, limits the time I have to compose. But it's where my heart is. 

    I'll look forward to some of your orchestral work. All the best. 

    • Hi Dane,

      Honoured to hear such kind words.  A few days ago, my daughter just picked up one of my "toy accordions" and started pumping out some C and G major chords.  She asked me when she'll be old enough to use my accordion (which currently outweighs her by about 5 pounds).  It looks like my days of showing off in living room concerts are coming to an end :)

      With 2 instruments, composing, and of course, real world responsibilities, I'm sure you're more than busy.  As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters.



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