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Another finger pickin’ acoustic guitar piece gone totally off the rails.

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Just caught this in time, Rick. (Have been a bit busy but the sun's ablaze today. It'd be a travesty working!)

Well, I can only repeat what I've said many times - very nice. In not being quite as lyrical it does fit with the V6 in the pic (or is it a V8?) It's a nice ride, a nice turn of harmony at around 2 mins and the way you build up toward a climax around 2'45" landing back on the home key only to leap off to a new one at 3'11".

I don't want to get analytical though - just to say I notice such things so just after 3 mins I set it back to the start and just listened. I'm inclined to think this one doesn't need a vocal line. I'm quite fond of your music - but then I too admire the Beatles. 

Thanks Dane... we're like the mutual admiration society. I'm fond of your stuff too. I'm surprised you didn't pickup on the Beach Boys "In My Room-esque" fade out on this one. I don't "pinch" (that's British for steal, right?) melodic lines consciously, they just burst in uninvited. Anyway, I thought "hmmm.. reminds me of the end of "In My Room"... and thought "ahhh what the hell".

I'm over here in the US waiting and hoping Trumps little 4th of July party gets drenched by a rainstorm. Hope you weren't too miserable during that scorching heatwave. I read that it was really bad. But don't worry, president dumb ass over here says global warming is just a Chinese hoax... uuuug.. I'll take your Brexit if you take my president! Deal?!!!

Don't even start me on Beach Boys, Rick! I'm not as much an aficionado as for the Beatles but songs like the rightfully #1 "God only Knows", and "Warmth of the Sun" just transport me. I've grown bored of Beethoven's 5th and the 6th for that matter, but never with Sgt Pepper. If you detect its influences in things I write I wouldn''t be surprised. I've been playing that and a couple of numbers from Magical Mystery of late. i have the LPs - yes, those black 12" discs that get slapped on the turntable (in my case with great care!). With "Magical" come some of the later songs: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and the like. 

Well, I haven't heard any melodies borrowed by you nor even the underlying accompaniments except in that they flow like you don't get in pop music these days or before and you seem to have acquired the Mccartnian knack of knowing how the music should move forward; of melody and arrangement, a gift I envy! I can't write a melody for toffee (as they say here). 

As for Mr Trump...Well, I'd swap our incompetent, useless failure of a Prime Minister recently forced out for him any day, I'd crate up a few wets and send them to Pluto if I could! They're supposed to be saving us from a Franco-German dictatorship that's increasingly annoyed at, for the 3rd time in a century failing to conquer the UK. And not being too successful. I have to admit that in the Brexit drive, Mr Trump has been an ally indeed.   

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