• Hi, Michael,

    It's been a hot day here in S England and I can't sleep - 2.15am. So I thought I'd listen to a couple of pieces while my sleeping pill worked. Termazipam.

    This is a gorgeous piece, most lifting of the spirits, energetic, light, full of sun and air and retsina if I cared to think about it! It might be a party piece. Diffficult not to get up and dance. The harmony is engaging and varied, instrumentation seemed very right and well balanced.

    The transition betwwn Syrto and Hasapiko was nice indeed. I listened as far as Tsifteteli bu then it cut me off (a bit abruptly) - sounedd as if it was going to build up to a rousing climax there. I'll try to listen to the rest tomorrow but what I have heard was excellent and it's been in danger of overriding my med! 

    poli kala!


  • Hi Michael,

    The tunes are pretty and traditional. I have only one critique: I don't think the material is "big" enough to warrant a full orchestra, it seemed to me a small ensemble would be more matched with the material. If you added more parts (other than strumming accompaniment, which is mostly what is in this), it might change this impression.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  • Many thanks guys

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