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Hello my friend,

I am looking on the internet for good books. But I think the best way to find books is to ask you what you have red and loved or got you really inspired.

I would love to hear what you have red and you can recommend. I'm looking for books about film composing, composers, history, techniques, or basically anything that would help to build more knowledge about this genre.

Share your thoughts!

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  • I would just say i dont have any books i own about film music, but i would say i think there are maybe materials online plus sources that give good information about film music. Hope you find good materials that give detailed information on film music! Wishing you the Best!
  • Hi

    Do you mean books about composing for film specifically of books to improve your general knowledge about composing and music analysis in general?

    I don't kmow anything about the former but there are tons of books on the latter - Donald Tovey wrote a lot on musical analysis and his work is both witty and accessible and relatively inexpensive: 

    check here

    Good luck, Colin : donald tovey
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