Glory Mass - 1. Kyrie

It's been a very, very long time... Have been quite busy though.

Yes, working on too many projects and also having a relationship now doesn't improve my free time to compose.

A few weeks ago, I finally completed the first movement of my first Mass, the Kyrie. It's for full orchestra, SATB choir and Soprano solo.

As usual, I try to put in new things, have tried to listen to what I was told before and implement it in my new music. For now, the rest of the Mass has to wait, for I want to finish the Love Symphony first (first movement is near completion, too). But to improve the rest of my work, I thought to post the Kyrie any way...

Please leave your comments. Thanks.

1 - Kyrie.mp3

1 - Kyrie.pdf

1 - Kyrie.xml

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  • This is a beautiful piece Erwin, to my ear anyway. I don't listen to this form at all so I can't comment on that but the orchestration sounds great, much more sophisticated than what I've heard from you before, good work!

  • Thanks Ingo :-)

  • Hi Erwin, just a thought for a future project... you should develop/create a

    complete piece based on the section for 2:35 to 2:45.... I think you captured

    something very nice there.      RS

    ps- the vocals came across a bit 'muddied' to my ear- may just be the software :>]

  • Thank you Roger.

    Yes, that's the software... I've been playing with the individual volumes, and this was the best I could do...

    Ah... You mean the harp - flute part...? Thanks. :) Something for a duet or so...? I'll take a look. :)

  • Didn't realize I missed this for so long.  Took a listen today.  Although this genre isn't what I'd listen to, I think it's clear that you are improving a lot, Erwin. The orchestration sounds much more sophisticated, as Ingo said. The interweaving of melody lines is also much better than your previous work, much better in terms of maintaining interest. I especially like the opening: very grand, and builds up anticipation very well for the entrance of the choir. The first 3 chords are wonderfully chosen, very effective IMO.  The harp is a beautiful touch to lead into the choir part.

    Overall, the interplay of instruments and voices are pretty good throughout. I didn't look in detail at the orchestration, but it doesn't sound too bad.

    One thing I found a bit weaker is the ending. Maybe it's just me, but I was anticipating a grand ending to match the grand opening, but it just kind of thins out and stops. Perhaps you could add an instrumental coda with a grand climax like at the beginning?

    Also, the latter part of the piece starts to sound a bit like you were running out of ideas... you may want to consider shortening it slightly, or if you have to cover all the lyrics, then maybe introduce a fresh new theme or two, or an interesting twist in the orchestartion, to maintain a strong interest.

    All in all, I think you did a very good job, and show much improvement compared to your previous work. A very promising sign indeed! Keep up the good work.

  • Hi HS.
    Wow... Now, that is the kind of reply I expect of you... :) Thank you again.
    To start with the lyrics... In a Kyrie its nothing more then: "Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison", so I don't have to lengthen it for the lyrics...
    My idea was, but may be that was not the best idea I had, to almost repeat the second last section, to get to a sort of mortuando. The reason for that, is because it is called the Glory Mass (I know now finally how to write that...) that the Gloria of the Mass will start off in fortissimo with trumpets and piccolos. My idea was to create as big a contrast between the pleading of the Kyrie and the hail of the Gloria. But yes, I think you are right that I sort of run out of ideas. It seems like a good idea to revise the last part of it.
    I'll see what I can do. What I will not do, then, is repeat the start at the end.
    So, thanks for that.
    And also thanks for the compliments, of course. As long as I do a little bit a better job every time, I can only be happy, right?
    Having said that, the symphony (you might like the joke I put in it, because I call it the Love Symp-honey) is more simple. For the Gloria I am working on that, but it proved to be more difficult then I feared. I'll take a look at the Kyrie again. Tnx. I'll let you know.

  • Interesting.. I felt the first section held together very well.. very nicely arranged.  To my ear the first section goes to where you dramatically place those 2 diminished chords.. Then the language changes quite a bit from where its been.. Becomes much more modern in your tonal palette .. Though being that there was a 'modern' reference in the first part - the opening chord going to the second chord, as well as some medieval qualities - which can also sound modern, the second part sounds a bit odd in the flow… maybe i just need to get more used to it.  I particularly liked that more harmonically charged 2nd section… Then, if felt it went on after that - not so convincing.

    I think this is very good work, Erwin. Thanks for posting!

  • Sorry for the extreme late reply, Gregorio.

    Thanks for you comment. Where exactly do you refer to as being the first and second part (measure numer?).

    I am working on changing the closing end (last 10 bars or so).

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