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First off, I was happy to find this forum. I've already been looking into the discussions and I think it's great. Here's my question: I've been a musician and composer/songwriter for a long time but I just recently got into doing it professionally, and plan to do it exclusively too. The medium that I've been working with has been Upwork.com, the freelance site. Have you ever worked with this kind of site before?

The way the site works, the contacts that I've made there and the jobs, all of this has been to my liking, however something struck me as rather strange and I thought "I need an expert opinion on this."

a LOT of the jobs very uncerimonously claim that the author of the music will have no copyrights over the said piece of music for all eternity. This put me in a bit of a bind because 1. It's a general consensus that this is ok among upwork hirers. 2. I'm competing against a bunch of other freelancers out there who would surrender their rights on the spot. 

This worries me because I would not like the have the music I so carefully crafted not be able to revert back to me, generating a disproportionate amount of money for other people. I just don't see how I can build a succesful carreer in music without being able to maintain my rights over my music. 

How common is this practice? Should I just surrender my rights or am I right to think this is wrong? Do you take seriously freelance sites like Upwork as valid platforms for building a carreer as a composer?  

Thanks for any thoughts on this,


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  • From what I heard its really common.. sadly.

    But we all got to make a living,if you can find another way to make money out of your music then go ahead. in the end if your music is successful enough people will want to know who wrote the original piece? 

    Id just go ahead and surrender,unless you are doing it for fame.  remember that bach lived off writing music for church and teaching mostly... he also had to perform in church every sunday.. although considering he was really spiritual ,i guess he enjoyed it. 

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