Ghosts In The Choir

Hello everyone. I've started writing production music for Film/ TV etc. Trying to 'get in' will be a hard task I'm sure but hoping to get a few libraries interested with stuff like this:

I'm curious to hear what you think.

Thanks for your time.



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  • I thought this was a pretty good and adventurous item for your portfolio.

    It seemed a little dense and blurry, probably because of heavy reverb. I definitely thought the drumming at roughly 1'10" had too much reverb, losing its incisiveness.

    The crescendo from the choir at the end was a nice touch though the deeper notss of the piano just before, again, were blurred when they might be more distinct.

    All in all the work is powerful and intense and works because of its relatively short duration. Much longer and you'd need to let up with quieter moments to release the tension. Moments of silence or quiet in this kind of work are quite important.

    But these are just my views.

    It seems quite difficult/competitive getting into commercial music. My lodger made some progress with ad-styled music but moans that it isn't "real music". She got into it by us happening to know someone in one of the agencies.

    All the best.

  • Hello DC Cornelius! Great work. I can hear the inspiration of music of Nightwish 

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