Ghost of Tom

Hello everyone! The last week I've worked on an arrangement of a folk/trad song. It's originally called "Have you seen the ghost of tom". I find the melody quite melancolic and in the first part of the piece I try to express that feeling. But later I tried to make it brighter and more heroic like "a toast to Tom!". Anyway, that was what I was thinking of making this piece. I had a great time making this one!  Any feedback or criticism is appreciated?

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  • Beautiful. Sure you will prolong this, lots of space for that, both thematic and instrumentation.

    I like the parts with the small format best. The grand format arrives rather unmotivated and could be fit in better, building more slowly towards that kind of climax, if you get my point.


  • Very nice indeed. Nothing particularly new or innovative in it, which is a strength for this short piece. The production is great, very atmospheric, realistic and satisfying. I wonder who Tom was.... and if he'll spend more time.

  • Very nice orchestration, its climax is very cinematic.

    May I ask you what software are you using?

    Also, another question: I went looking for the original folk song, and I see that, while some of the performances are indeed called "Have you seen the ghost of Tom?", most of them are titled "Have you seen the ghost of John?". I have found no further information.

    Do you know more about this?

  • It is beautiful.

    The distinction of parallel basses vs opposite direction movement can be perceived

    and it gives a better depth which underpins the crush of cymbals.

    I prefer not to use parallel movement when arranging folk songs

    but in your case there is a beautiful choral timbre. 

    Interesting dilemma.

    Ali R+

  • Very nice feel. Though I think the cello has a more plaintive, soulful sound if it is in a bit higher register. 

  • Thank you guys! And thanks alot for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I've been composing for about 1,5 year now and I try to learn and grow as much as possible. 

    Valerio: I use cubase, and I mostly use cinesamples' orchestral samples. I think the song has got two names because it has been handed over orally. The melody also has some variation. 

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