Ghost for Solo Flute

Ghost for Solo Flute




For solo flute. The audio file was generated with software as a demo.


Please note that this score is under copyright. For performance or recording permission, please see my permissions page.
Image: Cover of the pulp magazine Ghost Stories (August 1928)

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  •  Hi Jon, I liked this short piece.  It was haunting and eerie -- keeps you unsettled on the edge of your seat.  

    That was a well-done electronic rendition.  What sound library did you use?


    • Thanks -- I appreciate the comment.

      The audio was created with the MuseScore 3.6 default sound font and then mastered with SoundCloud's mastering function.  MuseScore started as a notation app with audio creation seemingly something of an afterthought; the audio font has gotten better over time, though most people still probably find it not good enough for professional level work.  It's possible to integrate other sound fonts into Musescore, or alternatively to export MuseScore XML files into other DAWs, but I've experimented with this and found it kludgey and not worth my while, since I consider my audio files to be demos suggesting what a performance would sound like, not finished professional level products.  The forthcoming MuseScore 4 I believe is supposed to have an improved audio function.

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