Hi all,

I've been searching for someone who could help me finish off this song that I really would like to sing in Spanish. No luck as yet ... Only two lines actually mean something (the first being one of them) and give a pretty good idea of what the song is about ... But for those who, like me, can barely understand the language I'm sure that the title and SC pic alone are a dead give away ...

Any assistance from Spanish speaking people with a good sense of humor would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thanks !



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  • :-))) Nice thinking mate ! But we may be needing an interpreter as well ...

  • JM,

         Es muy, how you say, bonito.  Mi espanol no es muy bueno, pero me gusta mucho.  I thought English was our second language now, but never mind.  This music is the universal language.


  • Thanks Lawrence :-) Looks like we had the same Spanish teacher ;-) 

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