Hi all,

Here is my new piece Genesis II, for orchestra, choir and narrator . This is the first part, the exodus from space.

Unfortunately, the VSL choir cannot sing words or syllables. The language of the narrator is Dutch.

the history:

Men left earth some 200 years ago after he had completely ruined the planet. It had become an arid and waste place, uninhabitable. Humans thought that they could have a new start in space, somewhere on a 'world-like' planet, but they couldn't find such one. After a 200 years odyssey, they decided to return to earth, hoping that it would have restored itself into a safe and habitable world again. The longer the space journey lasted, the more the old stories about the earth they had left, tortured them and made them longing for such a brilliant planet. Finally they convinced themselves to return...

(All VSL instruments, choir - narrator text is in Dutch)




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  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the message on soundcloud.


    I think that this is very interesting and beautiful music. I think it would sound much better with better daw software. It would give the piece an epic feel something that this piece could use.







  • Hi Saul,

    Thanks for your comment. However, I don't understand your advice about 'better DAW software'. I use Presonic Studio One Pro as DAW, only VSL instruments (on VI Pro and Synchron Player) and as mastering software  Ozone 9 Pro. The used instruments here are all VSL: Synchron Woodwinds, Brass VI Pro, Percussion VI Pro, Synchron Strings Elite Strings and Synchron Strings Pro. I guess there's little to improve as to used software...

    But I do realise that I could use more limiters and compression, but that's not my style. The instruments sound perfect as they are and with as little as possible interference of plugins. The so called 'epic' tendency is mostly nothing more than big and loud. (Being formed classically (Latin), epic has a totally different meaning to me and is used too often in the wrong context.) That may be effective in film music, but Genesis II is not cinematic music. It's written to be performed live in a concert hall, where the whole orchestration should be in balance (choir/orchestra and solo's). It will be performed next year.



    • Hello, Jos.

      The instruments and voice have a certain  asymmetry to them. The narrator's vocal tone is louder than the instruments' sound. So I believed it would have been better if better daw had been utilized to contrast the natural sound of a narrative. However, given you've stated that you're anticipating a live performance of the composition, I believe this will resolve the problem.





      • Hi Saul,

        Thanks for your remply.

        I agree with the narrator's voice (my voice) that it doesn't fit quite the total ambience. But this has a reason and a solution is to come with the second part. I recorded the text with the mic of my iMac and of course some early reflections from my home studio are present and can't be wiped out. That's why it sounds a bit out of the room/hall, in this case the Vienna Synchron Hall. With the second part, I'll rerecord the narrator's part entirely for both parts in a dry studio, perhaps with a professional speaker.

        But again I have to say that a "better" DAW wouldn't do anything here. Almost all present day DAWs are of excellent quality and Studio One Pro stands even out (as to quality and use). The used plugins can correct a number of issues, but they can't make a bad recording sound good. Next to that, I have a rather simple home studio with only software plugins and without high tech EQ and filtering devices. But so far, I've never experienced any troubles creating a believable sound. My Trio for Flute, Viola and Cello received very good comments, even so that it is now played by 2 professional ensembles in the States.
        Other orchestral works have had a number of live performances in Belgium with a full symphonic orchestra (which is pretty rare these days, as you certainly know).

        Have a nice weekend!


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