• Good morning Dane,

    Thanks so much for listening and your comments!

    Yeah, playability is a bit of a challenge, I wrote it with a different instruments in mind. The lower notes double bass pizzicato, the accompaniment pizzicato string and some woodwinds for the melody. Another fun thing to look forward to. I loaded the midi file into MuseScore without adjusting anything. The staccato notes in the score is something MuseScore came up with. I think it’s a decent program but looking at the score now I see it needs adjusting in many places…

    Thanks for your remarks Dane, highly appreciated!….

    Dane Aubrun said:

    What a lovely spritely piece, Joost!

    Just what I needed to get me woken up today along with my usual coffee! About the right length too. I think a few dancers would want to catch their breath as it finished. The harmony flows beautifully and you need hardly put in dynamic markings because the level is pretty constant throughout.

    As far as playability goes - the pianist would need a Lisztian technique, stretch and courage to play the left hand part. A slight rearrangement in appearance would make it work except the one or two instances that are unplayable such as the LH chord on the 3rd beat of bar 3 and the last 3 LH chords. The right hand would need to stretch a 10th comfortably. Alas, that rules me out!

    But I noticed the detail you put into the score such as the the notes you want staccato and not. 

    Excellent work, Bright and light.



    After my last piece “Impact” I set out to write something simple, no big events, no drama, just one piano and a fun bunch of notes smiling at each ot…
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