Game Music Theme (need comments)

Hi, hmmm just wanna hear your comments,,, just imagine that this music will be used in a facebook game.. do you think this kind of music will work especially if it's looped? also please also comment on my choice of instruments and the arrangement... and lastly please give your honest opinion about it's overall production quality.

btw,, just have an imaginary adventure game in your head :) 

blah blah.mp3

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  • I'm not a professional composer so I'll leave the critique for them.  I just listened to it and it sounds ok to me for a facebook game.

  • Hey man, it sounds like a good theme, it depends on what you're trying to do with it though so Ill just say this:

    I don't know what you're intentions are but it'd be perfect as a main menu theme. It's happy, high energy, and little conflict. And it sounds like you already set it up to look properly so I think you're good there. But if you were planning this to be a game play theme, it would become tiring quickly. If thats the case, I would say, just write a new song based on this theme, and expand it out a bit, make it less majorish/happy, add more tension spots and stuff of that sort, and if its going to be the song the entire time, develop it a bit so the loop doesn't get tiring.

    As far as instrumentation goes, it sounds good to me man. A bit old school, but it all sounds consistent and works well together. I don't know if adventure game is exactly what I was picturing, I guess if it was a facebook adventure game, it'd probably be cool. But it all depends on what type of game it would be. But yea not bad.

    And just lastly, I love that little B-flat synth glissando thing. Its pretty cool, I've always tried to do effects like that in my game music but it never works out that well lol. Anyways hope my critique helps!

  • Hi everyone! actually this music was made for the "Map Theme" or in RPG it's commonly known as Overworld Theme.. I have a different set of music for the "in-game" mode.. yeah,,, you're right Vance this one is a bit tiring to the ears if we'll play this repeatedly... lol at the Mute botton @chris alpiar.. That's the thing I worry most... I want the players enjoy the game while there's a music on it... but I guess facebook game music "MUST" be just a background music (no much movements)... not as strong as this one..

  • Fortunately I don't play games on fb .. but nice theme, of course 

    ps: and smile :) 

  • I like this music. Reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s 8/16bit tracker tunes. Maybe compose one or more additional themes along these lines and mix them up for the loop being not too tight and repetitive...

  • @Kane Aoki: Ohh its overworld theme, have you played FFIV? Or basicallly any of them actually. This sounds like overworld theme for when you jump into a flying ship or like a speed racer car or something. I think that's due to the faster pace of the song. I don't think it'd be suitable for just regular walking/running through the world. It's definitely a good piece though.

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