• Wow that's really nice, it reminds me of town/castle music you find in a lot of role-playing games.
  • It sounds like a really jolly adventure - nice. On the technical side of tit though, I'd say the wind instruments at the begining might sound sound better legato.
    The big hits, aren't really that big, but they fit the peice. They could have much greater impact, but then you'd need to fill out the sound a lot more.

    I haven't played much Zelda, but this sounds as if it could accompany the next one.

  • Thanks for your comments! With regards to the winds section hmm well yeah I think there's a better patch for that I guess I just got lazy to find the best available, and about the hits hmmm you're right I should've made it sound bigger, I'll try my best to keep this comments in mind. and for the zelda thing haha! Thanks for that, I wish I could get a lucky break on doing music for RPG games.
  • Very good song and definitely RPG worthy stuff!  As it is, it could repeat itself without any changes needed, which is a good characteristic for a song that's going to be played over and over again in a city/town/specific occurrence.  If you added some reverb to the flute at :14 and to the trill instrument at :10 it'd be a perfect song.

  • just write something featuring a harpsichord, then one with an organ and just got a free ticket for a position as anime music writer. :D

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