Full Fathom Five

Another selection from my Songs from Shakespeare for use in performances, which I'm creating in hopes there will be a demand for them, since Shakespeare remains popular. If anyone reading this knows of any theatrical company, at any level from school drama classes to professional companies or anything in between, who may be interested in such songs, please let me know.

Full Fathom Five, from The Tempest, is one of Shakespeare's best known lyrics. I've set it to an atonal melody which I hope reflects the dream-like atmosphere of the play.  The piano accompaniment is a suggestion; in performance the piece could be sung solo, or another one or two instruments could easily improvise a simple accompaniment.  As the performance note indicates, this is written for solo tenor, but I think it would be within the range of many baritones; if any singers reading this disagree, please let me know.

Score display with software-generated audio file as a demo available at MuseScore Full Fathom Five.

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  • Hi Jon,

    YEs, this is it... Very interesting.  It would be better if I new more about the context.

    I don't know the play it is from.  Simple beauty.


    By the way this is more static than your previous one, in my opinion.  But it all

    depends on the function they have in the play.  


    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the reply, and let me recommend the play, which is one of the best: long sections of unbelievable, jaw-dropping beauty.

This reply was deleted.