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2nd try! - I can't believe *nobody* is interested in fugue!

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I like this. What does the title mean?

Hi Nobuyoshi.  Sir Hubert Parry was a British composer - much undervalued nowadays - who set Blake's poem "Jerusalem" to music. My piece is a fugue based on the tune in the minor mode. Did you download the files? Thank you for replying. Please ask any questions you want.

Nobuyoshi Tanaka said:

I like this. What does the title mean?

Hello Cailyn.  Thank you for your comments. I am always very happy to correspond with anyone interested in fugue. As regards form, I do believe that solid architectural structure is the basis of all good composition, so I don't see why a piece should be less formally rigid because its texture is contrapuntal rather than chordal. This is a purely personal opinion, of course, and I would never seek to downgrade a fugue simply because it doesn't follow a rigid form.... least of Bach!!! 

The fugues of Bach and Handel naturally form the bedrock of any study of this type of composition, but they do have formal design! It just that, instead of being imposed, it is generated by default, the episodes being driven by clear harmonic progressions/modulations and punctuated by very definite cadences. What is fascinating is how this is brought about exclusively through the exploration of melodies and their combination. 

More interesting still are the long fugues - e.g. Bach "Chromatic" - which are made to repeat material in the manner of non-fugal compositions. (This is what interests me in particular.)

Please feel free to discuss this subject at any time. I often exchange sibelius files with students if you want extra help or advice.


Cailyn Lloyd said:

I am just learning analyze and compose the fugal form so I don't feel qualified to criticize yours just yet.  I did note that you went to particular lengths to follow what seemed a fairly rigid form.  Was there a reason for that?  Most of what I've learned thus far has come from Bach and seemed to frequently bend and stretch the limits of the form.

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