Hey guys. 

As I was working on this, I vowed that this would be my last fugue (done about a dozen), as I rebelled "I will not be confined by such things!"

But, again I find that this fractal idea does afford more freedom than one might expect.

Thank you form listening!

Update: I have added a section and replaced the end of the previous version. 

For those that have a mind to compare the two versions, Id be curious which one you think works best.

Thank you!

New version with coda:




Older version:


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        • It's really hard to tell whether it would work without hearing a sample of what it might sound like. Esp. with the edgy harmonies you have hear, it's hard to know whether there might be a way to pull off a more showy ending in a convincing way. I do like the current ending, though, ending on a somewhat tense ending matching the overall mood of the whole piece.


          • HS - update:

            Funny, somehow I didn't realize how involved this idea of adding a coda section was.  Well Im in the thick of it, and are signs it may be a contender as an alternate ending. Probably won't see daylight til tomorow, perhaps.. 

            • Looking forward to hearing it whenever it will be ready!

  • Checked out your new coda.  It's pretty spectacular in virtuosity, but I have to confess I wasn't very convinced. Well OK, maybe that little glitch where you spliced in the new coda distracted me... but nevertheless, ignoring that, I still feel like the original is better. It keeps the mood tense and mysterious all the way to the end, which leaves you in suspense and wanting to listen again, whereas the new ending seems more like virtuosic fireworks and doesn't quite have that feeling of suspense.

    • Thanks for offering your thoughts, HS!

      I am inclined to agree with everything you said. (I had a feeling I might be on a fools errand by trying to add this, as I mostly sensed it was already complete. But thought, the only way to know was to give my best shot of how it might otherwise end.)

      Your response has been very helpful! Thank you so much!


  • Bravo, bravo, yikes, bravo!  The newer version worked better for me because the wind-down to nothing felt better paced.....maybe due to it coming from the fireworks show (to borrow HS Tech's phrase). Also, I feel a stronger rythmic conviction in the newer version, most especially during the opening moments of the subject introductions. Why is that? Am I just responding to the timbre difference between the two?

    This stunned me beginning to end.... both versions.  --Ray

    • Wow! I bow in gratitude, Ray. Im so glad it worked for you. It was my hope that it would hold the attention of the listener without breaking the 'spell.'

      I haven't listened to either version for a week or more in order to get some space, so with refreshed ears I can better see which version works better.

      Your response is very helpful, as Im trying to weigh this out.

      Im not sure why you would feel a stronger rhythmic conviction in the newer version in the opening moments. It is pretty much bare-bones there as far as texture, perhaps maybe due to a different reverb setting? 

      Thanks so much for listening, Ray, and offering such a generous response!


      • yes...I suspect I was probably responding to a different reverb setting. Even at the time I considered that could be the case. --Ray 

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