Hi, I'm working on the score for a webseries named 'Frontier - Prelude to Darkness' and I wanted to share the main titles and first minutes of chapter 1 with all of you :) Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts / feedback with me :)

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  • Ilike the main melody , works good for this kind of setting, bit bombastic but that's the idea of course.

    I feel that the second part (starting at 0:50 and again 1:22 ) is a bit forced though. I guess the idea is to counter the bombastic main melody with this more introspective part but it doesn't get a chance to breathe, I think it has a lot to do with the nervous percussion in the background, it takes the flow out of that part. It also could have been a bit longer so the listener has some time to reset before all the action kicks in again, now it's always rushing back to the main melody as fast as possible it seems. Some more contrast wouldn't hurt.


    My critisism aside, it's a good piece though and certainly does the job , I can already imagine the lasers firing all over the place.
  • My subjective opinion of this is that it sounds a lot like other action movie music, so much in fact that for me it doesn't say anything special at all and I certainly don't think of aircrafts or spaceships, maybe pirates or fast shots of jaun claude van damme. But if this is what they want then good job I guess. Compositionally it seems fine to me, for being what it is.
  • Thank you for you detailed feedback. I appreciate it a lot! As for the timing and orchestration of the different themes and counterparts I have to admit that it sounds a but rushed as a standalone piece. But it's all composed to a scene and the different situations in this scene so it probably makes more sense with the picture.

    If you're interested in seing it combined with the picture I encourage you to watch chapter one. Maybe that gives it a better scope of the whole project:



    Thanks again :)

  • It makes a lot more sense seeing it with the picture indeed. I still think my comment on the counterpart in the opening titles stands but you did a good job matching the music to what happens on screen.
  • Thank you :) I agree with you on the counterpart issue and I will keep it in mind for the next time :) Big thanks again!
  • Thanks Ray :) Well I am not very pleased with my brass sounds in my library so I try to avoid it to get them too much in front. The muted samples that I have aren't really nice to listen to.
  • And another library hoarder was born :D


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