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I wrote this tune when CNN’s Jim Acosta was attacked by Trump at a White House briefing a while back. I have a few lyrics... I hate writing lyrics!

Verse 1 starts at 0:19, sing your heart out...
Verse 1)
Jim Acosta was accosted by the president
By the yellow headed dirty evil resident
Jim he really kept his cool
While the bully played the fool
Just like his T-V show

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well, very niice, humorous and without knowing some of the characters,, still gave several smiles. You see, here is where Predictability meets its limits. The sudden key changes and runs into different harmonic progressions toward the end before the reprise of the main tune. They flow very well but always keep up interest. 

Just a shame you can't get it performed. Because the lyrics are pretty derisive! 

Another nice one!


In fact, I had a bad bout of noncompo-itis last night. Been working on a longer thing that's taken up too much energy, so I turned to what you may call "predictable" pop except like yours, only the rhythm is truly predictable - music from the 60s collected over was a catharsis. Feels like a fresh Spring breeze wafting though my numbed mind. Pink Floyd came into it somewhere but compositionally I never put them on par with the Beatles. 

You may have read that Freedom of the Press is very much under threat at the moment in the UK.

Dane, my own country is so badly damaged right now that I forget about the worldwide movement toward authoritarian leadership. We’ve all seen this movie before. I didn’t like the movie the first time (none of us did) and I don’t like it now. The darker things get - and I haven’t even mentioned the planetary climate situation - the more I turn to my art. In music everything else disappears. We (musical types) are fortunate to have an escape hatch. Sometimes after a full day of concentrating on melodies, harmonies, rhythms, etc. I’ll turn on the news and it’s like a brick whacking me on the head saying; “Welcome back to the real world!”.

This very day in my country, Trump is raiding the homes of (supposedly) law breaking undocumented immigrants from Mexico. He uses children being ripped from their parents arms as a deterrent to crossing the border into the US. This is horrific. The man is a monster and this country elected him... without help from me. But, there it is. If nothing else, Trump is proving that the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct because this s**t can’t be happening. But unfortunately it is happening.

I guess in the bigger picture, this was to be expected (predictability?). The pendulum of history swings once more to the right.

I’m due for a Chomsky fix. He always puts it all into perspective.

So, to you Dane and to any other composer reading this thread, I say; compose more music because maybe, just maybe, at the Plank scale of reality, those musical vibrations are helping nudge us all into a better more beautiful world. Maybe I’m too poetic, but I can dream.

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