Hey guys, I've been writing the score for a brand new adventure game (Also chopping up voicepack and narrating)

If you're a fan of old Sierra/Lucasarts games and it's style of music and humour then this is for you!

There's a 100% free demo to play with tons of music that I've been working on for the last 6 months!


Hope you enjoy this as much as it was to make it!!

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  • Good work fella - as with all your music I have heard its not afraid to make a statement and is fun and engaging to listen to. Its to be commended that very often it sounds like you do what the client or project wants you to do rather than your own personal compositional goals and that is something I wish I was better at!

    I also hope your pitch for funding is successful as it looks like it is well on the way to being.

    I actually wrote a lot about the symphonic piece you posted a while back but sadly it was deleted. I really think you are onto something with that piece - don't listen to the "minimilist" detractors. ;)


    I LOVE THESE TYPE OF games  i was addicted to it when i was a kid .. altho didnt play any of it for a while but iam sure its cool 

  • Jack, thanks for the feedback, I didn't delete any comment on previous pieces, I don't know if a moderator stepped in but I'd like to know what you thought anyway!!

    Thanks to Quinn and Tarek too - we hit 10K last night woohoo :)

  • Hey guys! We made our goal (nearly doubled it) with 11 days to go, looks like I'm gonna be busy writing more music for this and finally for some $$$. Thanks if you supported this, but if not, play the free demo, it is actually really funny!

  • Good luck man!

  • The music sounds like a perfect fit for the game (at least from the trailer)!  I hope the game does well!

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