• Definitely has some potential. The harmonic background was very monotone, and seemed to sit in the same tonal space as the piano. You might consider some high strings here and there. A nice modulation halfway through. A little more work and you have a nice short piece.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I ran out of time as I had just one day to compose/produce this one. Just before I had to export the tracks for mixing, I was experimenting with high strings and woodwinds (flutes, clarinets and oboes). I might eventually upload an updated version of the track with (some) of those added.

  • Nice, but I also think it could use a little more developing. Maybe try to tug at the heart strings or step on a few toes. 

  • Thank you, Phillip.

    It's rather monotone, I agree. :)

  • And why did you have just one day? And also something I don't understand about piano composers is why don't y'all write a glorious melody with your flowing accompaniment? It just sounds like background with no foreground, after the sound is finished, there is nothing else to remember it by or hold on to.
  • It was a school assignment. Classic last day deadline -syndrome. That's all. :)

    What I attempted to reach here was sort of 'gentle sensitivity' as a feeling as the track is playing. So no 'pressed' lead to remember the track by. :p

    ...I wonder what's next on my EXCUSES.TXT -file. :D

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