• What an artwork. I enjoyed every moment of it, being a nature lover myself. Congrats to you.

    I am curious about how it was produced. I can't see any recording equipment in the movie although your playing is remarkably synchronous which is essential for the experience.


  • This is a cool video and I like the piece.  One suggestion would be to add some ambient nature/outdoor sound effects, at least at the beginning of the video, to set the audience in the location before you start playing.  The visuals are lovely but without any sound, I wasn't sure at first if I was actually watching a green screen!

  • Kjell, thank you! The audio recording was already done so I was playing along much as would happen in a typical music video. The pianist version of lip syncing basically. 

    John - thank you for the feedback. I had considered doing what you describe but in experimenting with it I wasn’t able to find a solution I was satisfied with. Either way it was a good learning experience for next time. 

  • What mountains are you surrounded by?   Finger syncing, must be a new recording term.  It is excusable since the peaks are covered with snow, so playing piano in near freezing temps can't be that easy.  I liked the piece and even more the fact that you did it outdoors.  I assume you also packed in a generator to produce sound and a few gallons of fuel, right?

  • Very nice work Robert,

    I enjoyed the video and music.

    Since I am a perfectionist let me add a few things I would have added on the production, not on the composition which I find very pleasant.

    The sound of the piano sounds too close to me, which is a bit in contrast with the image of the landscape. I would have used a more spacial setup to fit better in the landscape and as someone suggested would have added a bit of sounds in the beginning (although I agree with you is not easy to find the right ones)

    Finger sync is very hard, so nothing to add you did already a good job.

    For the final editing I would have added a LUT to give a special color setting and make it more cinematic.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next one!

  • Lawrence - This was at the top of an extremely popular hiking trail outside Seattle, WA called Rattlesnake Ledge.

    Marco - Thank you! I see what you're saying regarding reverb. The video was color graded but I'm genuinely curious what you may have done differently.

    Jon - Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!
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