Fixed price: how much?

Hello there! 

I'm relatively new to the business of composing for medias, like TV, Radio, Films and Videogames, but I've done some work before (most of them for free, sadly). But now I decided to go for real! I'm building a website for my material, and there is a part of the site where I talk a little about pricing. Searching the internet for sites of other composers, I thought that it was a good idea to put a chart with some basic prices, just to begin and give an example to the customer of how much I charge. 

Now first: Is that a really good idea?

And second: Are these prices ok or are they too much for someone who's "beginning" in the business ?


As an extra question, I would like to ask: how is the best way to start spreading the word about my list? Should I search the internet for various business email, i.e. some videogame companies, and send them an email? 

Hope someone can help me and I really appreciate for you reading me.


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  • Then, Chris, you need to take down Kristof's response by rudely asking me by name how much money I make by composing and insinuating that I don't do it for a living on this public forum. Then after you do that, you can delete this response.
  • This thread is called "Fixed Price."

    But the price is never fixed. It is always subject to negotiation.

    In 1820, the firm of Schlesinger only agreed to pay Beethoven 90 ducats for his three piano sonatas opus 109-111.

    He had asked for 120 ducats.

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