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This was an exercise in writing for a string quartet.  My goal was more in writing a solid piece rather than doing anything extravagant.  All comments are welcome.


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Well done Tim, this is a solid piece that is enjoyable to listen to. You make good use of all of the basic elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and style.  There is nothing here to criticize in my opinion.  I hope that you will continue and make use of more involved harmonic colors and structural devices to add to the appeal you already have here.

Lovely bit of music. Not super exciting, as you said, but very solid. Sort of Games of Thrones in theme, meaning somewhat medieval in tone, but not overly simplistic.

Thanks Ingo and Rick.  I appreciate the comments.  There definitely is more that could be done here, but as I said, it was more of a self exercise so I was more concerned with interaction and utilization of the instruments.

It might work as an inner movement of a suite(?).

It wasn't meant to be medieval, it just kind of went there on it's own!

Thanks again for listening.

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