I'm posting my first song for everyone to critique.  It's piano and strings, please let me know what you think!


I wanted to add another song I've been working on.

I may not fit in here as much as I would like to, I'm not as much of a "traditional" composer like most people are on this site.  I come from primarily a rock background, and a lot of experimental electronic composition when I was a little younger, which I've kinda moved away from now.

Most of my music I write on the fly, usually developing a theme or two a night when I'm working, and then I come back and develop them a little more.  So some of it gets a little sloppy, and I go back in and tighten things up, change instruments, etc.  And sometimes I just get a little stuck, and can't find a place to take the music.

I'm using Reason mostly in both of these songs, and I'll route into Logic for better FX, and synth sounds, or to record live instruments.

I'm focusing mainly around writing music for TV and Film, and I'm trying to gain some experience, and just get my repertoire up to date.

So any and all critique is very welcome and appreciated.


The New Super_full.mp3

Winter Mourning.mp3

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