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I feel a little underqualified to be posting here, but I'd love feedback on this piece I've created. It's called the Ocean and was somewhat influence by the works of Debussy, although I would consider it to be a more contemporary instrumental piece. Any comments/criticisms are greatly welcomed! I'm particularly trying to work on my arrangement skills which still seem very weak at this point.

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  • Yeah the piano is a little manic right now. I think this piece would make a little more sense if you heard my other music. It's all really tonal and I was attempting to get a little less tonal with this. The problem I have is finding the balance between too safe and too frenetic.

    The strings are not intentional that lame sounding. It was the best sample I have at the moment. I'm having computer issues with my other samples for some reason not loading.
  • for starters I am not going critic the sound quality due to the fact that sound quality is not something I am not even close to being qualified enough to critique. My critic is completely about the composition itself.

    FIrst off, you stated that this piece was somewhat influenced by the work of Debussy, so I can only assume that means that you were going for a slightly impressionistic feel in this piece. However I didn't quite hear that as much as I would like. I could hear a little bit of what you were going for and some parts did remind me of Debussy's La Mur, however a lot of it just fell short of what I think you were going for. Like Debussy, the impressionist were into ambiguity, flowing like movements and gestures, and music that gave a real since of floating. At times I felt that you were really cognizant of this and I can hear that it was trying to get there but most of the time it felt a little to structured. I also felt as if it was very aggressive, mainly in the piano part. Also, at times I could hear that you were going for a more ambiguous tonal structure, which is very much Debussy and the Impressionist, however at times it did sound more like mistakes then ambiguity.
    It is a good piece but I don't think it was exactly what you were going for or what you were telling us in your introduction program notes. But Overall a good piece know the less.
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