This is a piece I'm working on for a video game. It's suppose to sound something like the precursor to a big battle. The camp preparing... or something along those lines. The song plays through twice to give you an idea of how it'll loop...

what do you think? should it have more variation? is it missing anything?... also... I'm pretty new to all types of EQ... any help there would be wonderful.

Thanks for your time! 

EDIT: I've made some of the recommended changes as of 02/15

may the guide so guide_v2.mp3

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  • Hey thanks for the awesome input. I really appreciate it. I've seen some of your other posts... You seem to give good input regularly. That's invaluable!

    I'll take another swing at it with your suggestions ... The song repeats itself after a minute and a half or so... kinda supposed to just keep looping... though if we get real fancy in the game we'll program endings to the songs too...

    I'll definitely up the revision as mp3... and i'll see if i can get a score going... i haven't really tried converting midi to sheet music yet... but i downloaded finale notepad and that's supposedly capable of doing that... i'll give it a shot...

    Thanks again for your time!

  • I like the overall theme of the song, and as someone who aspires to write video game music myself I am excited to see someone else here who seems to enjoy that genre of composition. 

    Now, before I get too far I will admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the technical side of music, but hopefully I can provide some suggestions that can help.

    One suggestion would be to add more variation to the theme by breaking up the song with a bridge to add a little interest to the song. Background music, is of course, supposed to be background, but adding in a break from the main theme of the song can add needed interest, especially when it's a theme that the gamer will hear for long periods of time or very often. 

    Also, you could try adding interest to the main theme itself by featuring different sections of the orchestra to play the parts. I.E. take the main Brass line and have a string section play a variation of it. Or something like that. I hope I'm explaining it clearly/accurately enough. 

    And as Bob said previously, adding in a bit more of the orchestra overall can definitely help. Also, mixing up the percussion and using it to punctuate certain ideas in the song helps to build variety and interest. 

  • My main thought instantly was that I think you should balance the syncopation. Maybe a recurring quarter and an eighth rest followed by an eighth and quarter drum strike along with something that pulses on the downbeats or the first downbeat of every measure. Something that suggests a march of war. I just feel the need to hear downbeat balance to the syncopation.

    edit: Listened again, and you can scratch the part about the eighth note did exactly that, which I like and I think should be maybe intensified. At the same time, I still think there should be a bold presentation of the beats of the measures. Pounding quarter notes on the beat. That would really make it sound like "this is war."

  • @ Blake

    Thanks so much for your input. It's very helpful. I'll do just what you recommend... i want to keep a real primal sound to it so hopefully I ca find a way to do that with the addition of an orchestra... i'll see what i come up with. I think like Bob recommended if I come in a little softer and build that'll accomplish some of what you've recommended as well. Thanks again.

    @ Evan

    I'll really give this some thought... I'm gonna look up the word syncopation (although i have an idea) and then i'm gonna do just what you've said... Thank you very much for contributing.

  • Hmmm... Thanks Bob... I'll think on that....

    Bob Porter said:

    I think you need the brass to represent the men getting ready. But maybe some kind of driving string and woodwind thing going on underneath. Something to hold everything together. 

    First Post: War like video game piece
    This is a piece I'm working on for a video game. It's suppose to sound something like the precursor to a big battle. The camp preparing... or somethi…
  • Bob, Thanks for taking the time for this... that did give me some ideas... and I really liked your submission for the winter contest... when i get a sec i'll have to look and give the winner a listen

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