These are also posted at my page. Instead of uploading a second time, should I have linked to those to save server space? If so, then how?

Gurth the swineherd and Wamba the fool are characters in Sir Walter Scott's 1820 novel Ivanhoe. They suffer trials and ordeals and turn out to be heroes in the end, and of course, the smartest one in the book is Wamba. 

This is intended as the second movement of a four- or five-movement piece. My hope for this piece is that it may be played at some time by an amateur or student group. 

Have at it!

*The preview screen doesn't show the upload, but here goes...

II. Gurth and Wamba.mp3

II Gurth and Wamba.pdf

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  • Wow, I now have three composers from CF on four of our programs!   Janet's wonderful "Harmonious Monk" fanfare started up the second half of our program two weeks ago, on February 16th; Ray's gorgeous "Remembrance" will be one of the premieres on our upcoming June 1st program;  Janet is writing a woodwind quintet to be premiered on our Fall 2013 program and now Spencer's delightful "Gurth and Wamba" will be on our Winter 2013/2014 program!   I am so happy about this outcome, which was totally unexpected for me!

    Janet, the kids really loved your fanfare, as did the audience.  By the way, I call all my students "the kids" although some are older than me.  I myself am one of the kids, for that matter.  Several people commented on Harmonious Monk and said it was one of their favorite pieces.  Everyone in our studio loves the idea of having one guest composer from "far away" on each of our programs.  We think any place that isn't "here" is "far away".   ;-)

    Spencer, I probably won't be able to program more than one movement per concert -- I have so many composers lined up with new music that we make sure everyone gets a slot.  The programs are already two hours long!   But since we provide lots of stretching, laughing and moving around time, hand out healthy dark chocolate for everyone and give a sit-down banquet after the "show" no one complains about the long concerts!   But I don't dare push them beyond the 2 hour mark ...

    So, Spencer, just work on the score between now and let's say late April, adding any intricate details you might want, and send me the finished score and parts when you think it's done.   I'm very much looking forward to hearing it live!  Even though we won't perform it until almost a year from now, I can hopefully record a rehearsal to send to you ...  The feedback from performers is one of the most important parts of writing a piece ... and also one of the most exciting!!

    Spencer Doidge said:

    Thanks for checking it out, Julie. I am thrilled that you have expressed an interest in performing it with a group of humans! Such opportunities are scarce here for a number of reasons. Someone I met in the UK expressed interest, but no specifics. You have given me specifics. You will have two movements (see my forum home page) when you need them. Maybe by then I can finish another one. I just started it--the one about Isaac the moneylender. I'm listening to lots of Klezmer/Perlman tracks. I won't rush it though. Lady Rowena's movement took me three months to write.

    The score: I will post the score right away, then I will probably post it again later after checking it. I had to do some funny dynamic markings and such to get Sibelius to render the sound properly. It might need reworking to get it to make more sense to a human.

    The playback problem: I'm using Safari 6.0 with iMac OS 10.7x, and the only way I can get a clean playback is to right click, Download Linked File, and play it in iTunes when it shows up there, or play it however you would play a downloaded MP3. I also imported the downloaded file into Audacity for Mac, and it worked ok. If I just click the link in Safari, I get a black screen with a little player bar in the middle, and it never works right. I hope that helps. If you're using Windows, I would try downloading and opening the file in the Windows Media Player.

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    These are also posted at my page. Instead of uploading a second time, should I have linked to those to save server space? If so, then how? Gurth the…
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