This is the opening track from my latest album, Music for tired Preachers. It’s a suite that has the string quartet and the English horn as a thematic thread. Sometimes together and sometimes with an orchestra.

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  • Hello Lennart,

    it cloaks itself in a nice, may I say, "baroque", atmosphere. The tension is never lost. Seeing the score would definitely be interesting.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Lennart

    It is a pleasant enough piece as it stands, but I think the horn is hiding too much in the background. To my mind it should have a stronger melodic presence than it currently has and should "boss" the strings a bit more.

    Thanks, Colin.

  • Thanks Jan-Fredrik and Colin! This is the first piece I’ve written for English horn so I guess I did hold back a little and made all the instruments equal players.
  • It is also to some extent my personal style to treat every part as equally important. That can be found in all of my music.
  • And thank you michael for you comments!
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