First Commission!

Ive been Commissioned by a friend and grad student tuba player for a solo tuba piece. Im a little nervous, as its the first time Ive written "for hire" but im very excited.

any stories or advice from early commissions? how did you approach it? definite do's and don'ts?

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  • Fred's right, but if you're like me, you know nothing about the tuba, tuba solos or what a tuba player can do.  So go to your youtube and listen to a few tuba solos, (if there are any),  maybe find some classical tuba solo music just to see what a tuba is capable of.  I'm assuming that the piece will be accompanied by piano?  Guitar? maybe accordion, like polka music?  So if you get bored with the tuba, give it some long sustained tones and let the accompaniment take over.  On second thought just write a solo for piano with tuba accompaniment.  No one will know the difference. 

         Wait, there was a great tubist? tubaist? tubeist?  tuba player on this forum.  I can't remember his name.  He has written some great tuba music.  Maybe someone can remember who.

  • That is fantastic! Congrats!

  • Many congratulations on your first commission. FZ and others are exactly right in advising you to discover the skills/limitations of the player. If the instrument is a BBb tuba it will have different characteristics to that of an Eb 1965 I knew a tuba player from the world of brass banding who could play his Eb tuba with as much facility as he could a Bb euphonium...I seem to recall him performing the well known cornet solo with piano accompaniment 'Air and variations: Facilita' on it ....unbelievable!

  • ive been jamming 6 pack, fnuug, and meshuggah for inspiration. thank you all.

  • Please do not forget they have to breathe!

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