Summer is approaching, and there are a lot of new members on this site, so it’s time to propose a new contest! As some of the long-standing members here know, I run contests on this site every now and then. Last winter, I ran a “Winter Music” contest, the goal of which was to compose a piece which evoked the idea of Winter. This was the most successful contest I’ve run on the site, with 16 composers entering and 30 members voting. The idea of a seasonal contest seemed to intrigue the members, so I’d like to propose another one, for Summer. But this time, I want it to be a little more specific on the theme material, not just a contest about evoking the idea of Summer. This time, the theme will be “Fireworks!": Write a piece which evokes or somehow fits in with the idea of fireworks. Duration - 5 minutes or less. Instrumentation - any. You must be able to produce an MP3 soundfile and it is preferred (but not required) for you to produce a PDF score. If ten composers express interest in entering, I will run the contest. Deadline to express interest (but not to submit an entry) is May 16 at 5 pm EST. You can express interest by replying to this thread, or, if you want to enter anonymously, by PM’ing me on this site. If you want to PM me and we are not already friends, send me a friend request expressing interest and I will accept.

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  • Hello all,

    The contest deadline has passed and the time to submit entries is over. The contest will be posted either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to all who entered and good luck!

  • Whew! This contest took me a lot more effort than I anticipated.  But I also enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  Even if I don't get any votes, I think it was still worthwhile -- I learned a lot from being forced to finish a piece within an allotted deadline, as opposed to putting everything on the backburner "awaiting further inspiration".  This has made me grow as a composer. Thanks, Gav, for running this contest!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else's entries are!

  • This message is specifically aimed at the entrants to this contest. The contest has been posted and the voting period has begun. Please check your entries and let me know ASAP if there is any problem. Note to some of you who sent me various links to soundfiles on other sites. Due to various issues, I didn't use any of these. Instead I uploaded your music anonymously to my Youtube page. I will remove them sometime after the contest is over. The contest is here

    Fireworks Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!
    Contestants were asked to create a piece around the theme of Fireworks. 11 members signed up and the contest begins NOW! Deadline to vote is July 31s…
  • Thanks Gav for running another fun competition!!!

  • Chris, you are most welcome! These are fun and help bring the community together

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