This is one of two themes that I wrote for a pod cast that never made it to release.  I was apprehensive when I agreed to do it but excited at the same time.  The challenge of creating music for something real helped me take several steps forward, and I'm extremely glad I took the plunge.

The original piece was done with sibelius5 and I liked the way that sounded, so when I updated it I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible.  I'm not happy with the strings in some places, most notably the high violins in the background of the theme, but after much toying with them and trying different combinations, I ended up with what I have.  Overall I think it came out pretty well.  Comments, opinions, and or suggestions/critique are welcome!

Fire and Rain.mp3

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  • Good piece, but I feel like you could pull 2-3 musical ideas out of it and expand upon those.  Always good to write something that can grow into multiple ideas.  I got a little confused when things had a "spanish" or "moorish" sound, however you feel, so that is why I thought this piece contain multiple ideas.  Good job.

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