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Hello my first post in the composers forum!


I am currently studying scores - Tchaichovsky Ballets and The Planets at present. I have a decent studio euqiopped with various orchestras and Cubase 6. I generally use Cubase score but mght by Sibelius (I am using the trial to see).

Presently I am looking for reliable scores by the masters as above. I have some minature scores but find that the music flashes by too quick.

a] I could download MIDI files and stick these in my sequencer, but I would loose all score markings and this is really important to me.

b] I could try to find Sibelius music files and use these, but I want to be sure that they too have the appropriate score markings


c] I could use conductor scores, this is probably the best way, but I dont know how to get these and what publisher would offer relaible scores.


My present modus operandi is to download Utube performances, load them into a player with A-B repeat function, work out the form, then isolate various passages fro deeper studies


What would be truly wonderful is a way of loading an accurate score into a media player of some kind, watchthe notes go by and at the same time be able to isolate a passage whilst listening to a real performance - maybe something is out ther like this?


Can anyone advise about how to source the best scores for study?

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  • You can find lots of scores at  You can download them and scroll through the pdf's as the music goes.  This might not be exactly what you want, but if you just want a place to find FREE scores of tons of stuff, that the place.

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