Finale ver 27 triplet problem?

Hi there,

I finally got Finale ver 27.  I am trying to get used to it.

I have a difficulty entering 3 eighth notes in the place of two eights or a quarter,

namely a triplet of eights.  But it produces the result in the attached picture.

Any help will be appreciated dearly.


--Yet another proble: I cannot copy part of a bar ...

I cannot paste to a position other than the beginning of a bar...

Are these my problems or Finale's problems?

I have to note that MuseSCORE does these very easily and intuitively.



Note: Is this a bug or me?10503134276?profile=RESIZE_584x 

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  • It is a bug but there are easy ways to turn around it.  Finale definitely has a very slow learning curve. The documentation is also confusing due to different versions etc.  In museSCORE whenever I had a problem I could ask it and get instant response from the user group.  I could not find that facility in Finale yet.

    Hence I suggest to begin with MuseSCORE for anybody who is new in notation software.

    MuseSCORE may not have utilities as much as Finale but it is much more music and notation oriented than Finale, definitely much more intuitive.


  • Both problems are solvable. In the case of the triplets, you just make sure you select an eighth note from the toolbar, then the triplet icon from the toolbar. In the case of selecting less than a full bar, position the pointer above the top line of the staff near where you want to begin your selection and drag down and to the right.

    • Thanks Gavin.  I am doing better day by day while coping with the assignments.


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