• EWQL? :)

    Well, it is good for the purpose - whatever your purpose is. Of course, I don't know what, but if it is Hollywood or video games and such, this is perfect for it.

    One problem though, EVERYTHING sounds like this on the forums where most use EWQL. It's nothing wrong with your 1min effort, it is just that I'm tired of it.

    The positive thing is - that on a quick listen - it sounds more well-crafted than 95% of what is out there in this "genre".

    Post more of these filmic tunes, if you have more of them :)

  • Haha you geussed it! I love EWQL plugins, apart from their memory footprint that each sample takes up you cant argue with the sound quality.

    I know this style of writing is deeply saturated on this and other forums,?but this piece was more of an experiment into this genre to see what would come out, I was pretty happy with the results. I have a few more pieces similer to this one, I will post some more fairly soon,

    As always, thank you for listening and for your kind words,
  • Sounds like an epic fight scene or something it needs to be longer going to another part though that would be cool! And I haven't figured out symphonic choirs yet
  • That sounds alot more realistic than what I've tried though haha is there a tutorial you watched or just learned from playing with it? (Symphonic choirs)word builder
  • Hi Matthew, Thanks for the kind words!

    There is a really helpful video series on YouTube its made by the guys who created the software (so they should know the most about it haha) other than that my main tip would be thinking about and allowing time for release sounds particularly on words ending with a harsh 'S' sound just this alone will add a lot of realism to the mix

    Hope that helps,



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  • Nice..
    The melodies are ok, the general texture is fine, I wished if the composition was a bit longer, and has some sort of climax specially in the end, it sounds very flat in feelings and it ends suddenly in a way that the listener expects something will be coming next from where it ended..
    The trumpets sounds a little lonely and weak, it needs some sort of bass below it, you can make the trumpets sound a little bit thicker and bassier by adjusting the EQ, and/or add lower octaves notes played by trombones and/or horns..
    The choir words sounds too computerized in some areas 0.41 is one of them, I experimented previously with The EW word builder, in fact it's awesome but at the same time so tricky, from my personal experience I concluded if a word did not come as I wanted, I just remove it or change it..
    you may add some reverb to the choir so they doesn't sound like if they are singing in separate isolated closed room, and another general reverb to the whole composition to give it a touch of unity..

    as I said it's good I loved it.. and looking forward to see if you ever intend to make any enhancements to this..
    Good luck..

  • Hi Mohammad,

    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. As I mentioned in one of the earlier comments, this was my first go in composing something for this style of music and also one of the first time I used EW Choirs in a proper piece and im still getting used to the software. On re-listening to the track I agree that the trumpets do sound a bit thin on the ground and could use a bit more punch to them, I'll try maybe doubling them with lower brass as you mentioned and find out what works.

    Thanks again for your comments, I really do appreciate them!

    Best wishes,


  • Joe, I liked it. Some comments if you need it:

    Brass sounds too thin, mechanic and a little comic for this fight atmosphere.

    I found not enough dynamics difference (I mean total volume is too even and builds not very much). Maybe you can make beginning more quiet.

    You use choir for the peak of dynamic build, but it sounds unsupported. I would add more instruments to the peak and more distinguished hit.

    Choir sounds close, compressed and fast-fading in/out. I would make it more filling, reverbing and slowly fading in/out.

    This is only IMHO and I hope it helps

  • Hi Alch,

    Thanks for the feedback, Im currently working on a 2nd piece that is similar to this in style but longer and taking into account all what is being said in these replies. I will post it up when its done.

    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll implement them in the next one,



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