Film Scoring Demo

Hello all. Honored to be a new member of this community! I have a newer film score theme demo. It isn't for anything specific, but i've been busy trying to build my catalogue with diverse cues and score demos to use while searching for work or projects.

Anyway, I would love some feedback. Since this is only a demo, i've tried to "get to the point" on most elements quickly instead of a full theme being more like 2-3 min in length.

Montana Sky - Main Theme

Thank you in advance!

- Sean :)

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  • Hello Sean.

    I'm a leigh person on this, and not able to provide much feedback. However, I thought this was really very well done, achieving a very captivating piece. It didn't strike me as revolutionary, i.e., there was a familiarity about the kind of theme and the type of instrumentation. Correct me if you think I'm off the mark there. In any case, for a regular listener like me, this was a very enjoyable and successful piece of music.

  • Hello Mariza. Thank you so much for the listen and review and your kind words :)

    Yes these 2 cues were really just portfolio cues to highlight range and potential capability in different styles more than attempting to be groundbreaking in originality...but your ear is better than you give yourself credit for..cuz this was the intention of these pieces, "to bring the user's emotions to a familiar place, somewhere they feel like they have been, but done in original composition."...this was the target! :) 

    Thank you Mariza for your comment :)

  • Hello, Sean.

    It's nice, pleasant piece. I am not a professional, but I think you could be more decisive in this piece. From about 0:40 motives played by different instruments merge one into another and music is quite unclear. And those second-plan motives are really good! For example, in 0:55 harmonica-like motive. I think it is worth to play it loudly, and piece would be more interesting. The same thing with strings- they create nice climate and they are nicely hearable from about 0:38, but after that you constantly weaken them. You could try the effect of "wave" on them, and play them louder again somewhere, especcialy when main phrase is stronger.


  • Thanks Jakub...great suggestions and you are right...the piece needs some dynamic adjustment! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Thanks Filip! Great feedback!

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