Dear fellow composers!

So, i'm rather curious to know what are the steps/what is your workflow, that you take in regards to writing music for film. Do you sketch out ideas on paper at a piano and then go to a computer and work in a DAW/Sequencer? Do you go straight to a DAW? Does anyone like writing in Sibelius/Finale? Do you ever work in Sibelius/Finale and then export into a DAW or do you go straight to the DAW? Which are your DAWs of preference and why? Does anyone use temp music on things they are scoring first?..To try and see what could work for a scene? Provided you AREN'T already given a video with a temp score on it - are there any composers who use temps themselves to see what could work for a scene? And if you DO do this, does anyone go to the bother of trying to ‘analyse’ the temp music...try and find the actual scores on the internet and analyse them...or transcribe what you are hearing and analyse this? I am sure there are a lot of different approaches to going about writing music for films and i'd be very interested to hear what anyone else would like to share!

In regards to the technical side, I personally use Logic X and find the learning curve to be a bit steep sometimes. I've been using Logic from version 6 and am not entirely sure that Apples acquisition of Emagic's Logic a few years ago was really a positive step for the sequencer. That being said, i come from a classical music background and perhaps for this reason feel more at home with software more aimed at notes and staves rather than at music 'programming' per se. I find Sibelius to be a true dream when it comes to composing and arranging. Whether it be writing for solo piano, or for an orchestral setting I find that the handling of the Staves and Notes and Performance indications to be truly phenomenal. What it does lack though is it's ability to use external sounds in a way like any DAW (ok..i've only had experience with Logic 6,7,8 and 10). Using effects and being very precise with timing and internal cabling is a nightmare with Sibelius 7 since it's internal mixer feels it knows best and does the cabling FOR you..

I guess it depends on what the final outcome of your work is supposed to you're going to have your music recorded by real musicians then there is some sense to working with a music notation program. I personally find working with Logic X to be a bit of a pain in the backside because the Score Window is lacking in the ability to hide the staves which are not used. I find 'score set's' to be a rather poor excuse for that feature (which you find in Sibelius and i'd assume also in finale.) Yes, you can only see the staves that you want, but you first have to create a score set for that particular group of staves in advance. If you are continuously changing what staves you want to see then before you know it you'll have a score-set group of 100 different score-sets.

Well...i'd be very interested to hear some tips and thoughts about your workflows! What are your general steps towards getting music recorded for film, or theater or what-have-you projects. Please do also share any recommendations you might have about other Sequencers...Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro Tools...I might end up changing one of these days to another DAW.

many thanks in advance for your time and contributions!


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