• Wow!  I have to say that guitar lead part just totally grabbed my ear and refused to let go - LOVED the tone and the articulations! Really nice arrangement too, great interplay between the bass and drums/perc with pads.  You created a sense of expectation through the first 45 seconds or so, but then when the ensemble finally kicked in, it was like..."ahhh, a breath of spring air, I get it!".

    There might be an argument to be made that moving water and birdsong combined represent a trope that's been done many times before, but this is a spring-themed piece and in this context it works perfectly and is arguably not cliched. If I could recommend anything, it's that part of me was wanting to hear a more elaborately developed verse/chorus or AABA or something structure. Or maybe nothing more than inserting a bridge. You were telling a story and it was so lovely you could have told me more of it.  Take that as a compliment, not a critique.  Cheers


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