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I'd like to hear your comments about a piece I was working on recently. It started as a simple melody played while testing new VST plugins. Few days later I got an idea to begin with a random noise patterns which then were morphed so the main theme would appear. I used that simple 'test' melody to start my little experiment. I must say that it wasn't as easy as I though it would be and I didn't achieve the result I had in mind at the beginning. Anyway, I liked it!

You can find the music on my profile page: under a name 'Piece No. 12'

Any comments are welcomed...

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Thanks for the comments. Sorry that I'm responding so late but I was really busy recently.

Glad to hear that you like my piece. I will think about brining the main melody a bit earlier (I already shortened the piece compared to the initial version). I usually try to build up the melody slowly which may not always give good results.

I started listening more carefully to the music and I pay more attention to the way other songs/pieces are composed and mixed. I think I will try to improve my work even though I promised myself several times that THIS version was a final one...



SITARA said:

Hi Piotr,

I really liked the way piece opens.You may want to change the initial noise though. If the main melody develops a little faster, I think it will be more successful in grabbing the listener's attention. Probably you can change the main melody itself to make it more catchy too.  The piece on the whole was easy and pleasant to listen to. All the best.


I was always a fan of Jean Michel Jarre's music, sadly he wasn't my inspiration for this particular piece.

I had listened to his music a hundred times but since I started my mixing efforts my perception of the music

has changed. Now I pay more attention to effects, panning - I hope I'm learning something as well. 

Here is another - and this time I promise - a final version of my piece. That was enough time spent on improving

the mix...



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