Fashionable Espionage

This is a work for a small chamber ensemble, piano, 2 flutes, 2 violins. It was originally written some years ago for a short film of the same name which is, alas, lost to history. This falls in a category I enjoy writing for, what I call "Spy Jazz," because it draws from music in spy movies like James Bond. Score in the YouTube, and comments as always invited,

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  • Loved it, Gavin. Yes, I can somehow see an agent moving around, doing his spying action thing with this music. It's too short, though. I want more! hahaha. 

    • Thanks Sam! It is the length it is because I timed it to fit an opening animation of the same duration. I did write some incidental music, but in looking back at that, I don't think it stands on its own. Appreciate the comment!


      • Is there a video with the animation you mentioned that we can watch? or it's not for public?

        • There was a video Sam, but it is lost to history :(

  • An interesting and enjoyable short piece.   Parts of it seem to have an Asian flavor, so maybe it would work for an Asian-settin spy film.

    • Thanks Jon, I'll set it in Hong Kong!

  •  Cool tune Gavin, reminds me of this Ravel piece.

    • Thanks Ingo! The Ravel is about as close as you can get to pure pentatonic

  • Cute!


    • Thanks Al!

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