This is the piece I have written and submitted for the 2017 National Young Composers Challenge, which I won during the 2016 year with my piece "Largo for Orchestra" (see that here: 

I see it as music that constantly tries to ascend, with little success. It builds itself up as though making a go for the heavens, trying to achieve the un-achievable. I gave it the generic title of "Fantasy for Orchestra" because of the lack of a consistent tonality (an aspect that I know longer consider indicative of my recent projects which are largely all rooted in a firm western style of tonality), and because of its sound of strong desire and emotion which could be described as "fantastical" in its hope and ambition. This music is not programmatic and these brief descriptions I have given are not meant to go beyond insignificant musings of the composer. 

It is based firmly in the ideas of intense spiritual emotion drawn out by unsuspected chromatic shifts in harmony, which I have adopted largely from late Mahler and Bruckner. While not totally representing my current style or tendencies (the music was largely conceived of months ago), I am very proud of this music and hope you will find enjoyment from it. 

The score is attached

The music:

Fantasy for Orchestra - Full Score.pdf

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